STORIES:Bean flower source Fushun, spicy all over the world
Merlot's spicy sauce is named after the local famous food Fushun Beancurd, and it is the only classic condiment that originated from the main cuisine of Sichuan cuisine.
In the mid-to-late 1980s, Merlot entered the industrial production in an all-round way, making the products go nationwide. At that time, the Sichuanese went out of Sichuan and went abroad, and they had all the spicy sauces around them. Because there was no authentic Sichuan cuisine in the field, they were seasoned with spicy sauce. Since then, they have been praised and praised for their quality, and they have moved from Sichuan to the whole country.
Today, Merlot's spicy sauce has long been a well-known brand in the domestic condiment industry, and is known as the wonder of the Sichuan cuisine kingdom.

Zigong salt to help dishes, spicy soul

The Chinese food culture is known for its long history, wide geographical spread, large edible population, excellent cooking techniques and profound cultural heritage.

The salt is the ancestor of Baiwei, Zigong is the capital of Jingyan, and the salt is the culinary family.
Eat in Sichuan, taste in Zigong, center in Fushun. Rooted in the Bashu culture, the birth of the Sichuan cuisine series, accompanied by the prosperity and development of the salt industry economy, Zigong salt banquet is not only a wonderful food culture in China, but also a part of Chinese salt culture, and also a thousand salt An important embodiment of the folk customs, it is also an important brand in the contemporary Sichuan cuisine series.
Beginning of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the rise of the artesian well, the Zigong salt industry gradually flourished. After the dynasty of Qianlong and Xianfeng, the annual output of salt is more than three million ton, and the monopoly of the Sichuan salt industry, the famous Chinese and foreign, the economic prosperity, the concentration of the population, the prosperity of culture, the Sichuan opera, the lantern festival and the diet gradually become The area of the first good in southern Sichuan and even Sichuan.

Gathering Chinese celebrity chefs to promote culinary culture:China Merlot Chefs Club is a development stage with the theme of "Culinary Innovation" and "Cultural Integration".
Promoting the chef and culinary culture is the unchanging soul of the club; bringing together Chinese celebrity chefs and colliding with various chef cultures, "combining, learning, progressing and sharing" is the future mission of the club.
"Gathering Chinese celebrity chefs and promoting culinary culture"--Melor Celebrity Chefs Club will continue to create a beautiful movement of "Chinese famous chefs new century" with the theme of Merlot chefs club in the new era.
The establishment of the Chinese celebrity chef club has expanded the authority and discourse power of Merlot in the professional field, enhanced the influence of the chef field, has been widely recommended in the industry, won high praise and reputation, and became very beneficial in the development of Merlot. Advantages of resources.