Human Fireworks and Delights in Meile - Zizhong Yuanda Owners Visiting Meile Company

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——Human Fireworks and Delights in Meile - Zizhong Yuanda Owners Visiting Meile Company

In order to help the owners of Zizhong Yuanda Real Estate understand the development of Sichuan Yuanda Group, the group’s industry, and the layout of real estate business in the Fushun project, the Zizhong area of Yuanda Real Estate organized representatives of Zizhong Yuanda Real Estate owners to visit Fushun, a millennium old county. As an important industrial sector under Yuanda Group, Yuanda Meile Food Company has a high reputation in the seasoning industry and is popular nationwide, making it one of the important journeys of this event. On the morning of April 25, 2024, the owners of Zizhong Yuanda Real Estate visited Yuanda Meile Company and embarked on a pleasant journey of contemplation.

The owners have visited the Fushun Spicy Sauce Culture and History Exhibition Hall, Yuanda Meile Basketball Exhibition Area, the company’s provincial enterprise technology center and production workshop to learn about Fushun salt culture, tofu pudding making intangible cultural heritage skills, the development and inheritance of spicy sauce, and the production process of the company’s products. Through on-site visits, guests expressed sincere admiration for the beautiful factory environment, fully automated production lines, and standardized management of Meile Company, as well as admiration and appreciation for Chairman Zhang Yuanping’s contribution to the basketball industry in Sichuan.

Visit the Flavor Museum and Workshop Production Line

After the visit, the owners came to the "Merlot Taste Experience Hall" to taste the delicious food made with the Merlot spicy sauce series products - Mapo tofu, dry pot potatoes, garlic flower nails, Zhajiangmian, and various ready to eat products of Merlot. Through tasting, the owners praised the products of Yuanda Merlot. You also learned more about the company’s products by following the company’s official account, and said that in the future, you will be more convenient to purchase the company’s products through the official account linked micro stores, Tmall flagship stores, etc.

Owners are trying it out at the experience hall

Sichuan Yuanda Group has always adhered to creating a better life, accompanying customers warmly, delivering high-quality living environment to homeowners, enhancing their sense of happiness and experience, resonating with the times, creating beauty with society, and achieving happiness with homeowners. Shouldering the sacred mission of "creating a better life", Yuanda Group and Meile Food expect to hold hands with customers and walk happily together; Yuanda Meile Food also hopes to inherit the historical culture of Fushun and the intangible cultural heritage of tofu pudding. Under the leadership of Yuanda Group, it will make the food industry better and stronger, let Meile go out of Fushun and bring delicious food to the world.